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MEET Ainsley Ross the Jill of All Trades

Ainsley Ross is a 19 year old actress, author, singer songwriter, influencer, director, and extreme martial artist from a small town of 800 people in Beckville, TX. She moved to California to pursue all of these passions! She enjoys learning and sharing her love of film, and writing with the world. Currently she is going to college for medical school, in Phi Theta Kappa Honor society, the president of the green Jacket’s and believes that you can have an education and a career at the same time! Everybody has something they’re passionate about, and Ainsley Ross always encourages them to educate themselves and to pursue their passions! Her view is that “we all have the potential to change the world, it just takes a brave voice to be the change!”

What have you been up to lately? Any new projects we should expect? Recently I have been social distancing, and content creating! I am using this time to do college online, and also focusing on up and coming projects to be released in 2020! I have a huge project in the works; however, sadly, I can’t reveal any details because I am in an “NDA.” What I can say is stay tuned for a new song release on the horizon!

What are you doing to stay creative and positive during the COVID-19 Stay At Home rules? I am very thankful and blessed to be with my family right now. Currently, I am spending a lot of time delving into my studies, content creating, doing home workouts, and playing games with my family! What helps me is applying my creativity even if its short videos, or counting my blessings every day!

Who/What is your inspiration? I would say my Mom is my true inspiration, and I hope that I have half of the strength she has one day! She has taught me how to have the courage and how to believe in the beauty of my dreams. I am a person rooted in faith, so that’s where my strength and inspiration is derived!

What helps you to start your day? A cup of coffee and a positive mindset!

What musicians have you been listening to? Recently I have been listening to Cinderella and Poison!

What is your favorite restaurant, and why? The historical and iconic Casa Vega on Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, California! Anytime I was having a hard day or had a huge accomplishment, that is where my family and I would go! The cozy atmosphere with its classic red, leather round booths and low light just made my heart feel like I was in a secret time capsule. The chips and salsa are always made from scratch, and I loved getting to know the waiters! We had the same waiter for years “Javier Larios”, and he watched me grow up practically! He would always tell us about how he served some of Hollywood’s finest stars. My favorite thing I would order is their “Albondigas soup.”

Who is your celebrity crush? MAJOR LET DOWN ALERT! I don’t have one. I do however have many actors I look up to and respect!

What is something that you MUST travel with? It may sound dorky but... a mini blanket ALWAYS! I get cold super easy, so I always keep a blanket with me. Plus, you never know when you may get stuck in the airport, or have a flight delayed.

Aside from your career, what is your favorite hobby? I love to cook! Cooking is an outlet for me because I grew up in the South. I love cooking the generational recipes I was taught, and I love creating new memories and recipes to pass down! I love pairing certain foods together because there are so many different things you can pair and so many flavors you can bring to life!

What’s one FUN FACT that no one knows about you?

I love to ride ATV’s in the country! It is such a freeing feeling, driving through the mud, and just enjoying life!

What advice do you have for those who would like to pursue a career in the entertainment industry? Know your worth, and what you will and won’t compromise, because it will be tested! Keep your passion and fire in your heart alive, no matter how many “no’s” you receive! Believe in yourself, and, most importantly, have faith. Have the faith to know that you can and will succeed at anything you put your mind to and take it easy on yourself!

Social Media Handles: ALL SOCIAL LINKS: Instagram: @ainsley_ross Facebook: @ainsleyrosstheartist Website: IMDB: Twitter: @iamainsleyross Tik-Tok: @ainsley_rossofficial Booking/PR: Contact my Manager: Publicist:

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